Custom and Pre-Designed ID Badges for Savvy Professionals

How ID Matters Got Started

ID Matters is one of two business created by Arlyn Anderson. Check out Whole Interpreter Enterprises to learn about the other ways Arlyn serves the interpreting community and our consumers.

ID MATTERS: In 2002, Arlyn Anderson started ID Matters to make ID badges available to self-employed interpreters like herself. She launched ID Matters shortly after 9/11, when a swell of heightened security measures spread across the country. Overnight, interpreters found that it mattered very much “who you were” and “how you belonged.” ID Matters answered the problem by providing self-employed interpreters with a way to quickly and easily identify their professional role. With its beginnings as a fundraising project for the Minnesota RID Freelance Committee, ID Matters now produces badges for interpreter agencies, schools, institutions, and individual interpreters across the country. Along the way other businesses  have joined these customers in appreciating ID Matters’ great customer service and quality product.

ID Matters produces high-quality, over-the-edge photo ID badges and unique photo luggage tags for interpreting professionals, interpreting businesses, coaches, clergy and other dedicated independent ‘solopreneurs.’